Acrylic glass

Conceal under crystal clear acrylic glass is one of the most demanding presentation variations for artistic photograph. Their piece of art receives an impressive depth effect, luminous colours and presents itself float effect in modern, minimalist manner. Choose between three high-quality acrylic variations: Crystal-clearly brilliantly in 2 mm of strength (as illustrated), 4 mm or 6 mm of strength.



HD Metal Print

Our sublimation print on aluminium gives you wonderfully brilliant colours on a fascinating material. The ultrathin aluminium surface, available in matte or glossy versions of brushed or primed white, gives photos an exciting and different accent.



Acrylic Block

Your photo print gains visual depth and brilliance under a block of acrylic glass. The block’s transparent edges are polished, meaning you can see through all sides to every razor-sharp detail in the image.
The look: Glossy and crystal clear with precise details and vivid colours
The effect: Almost an inch of acrylic glass for sculptural presence with maximum depth
The protection: UV-protected and non-breakable for long-lasting brilliance and a crystal clear view

[1] Kodak Pro Endura photo paper, [2] acrylic glass



Floater frame – let your pictures float

Display your photos just as professionally as they would be shown at the leading art fairs: in a floater frame. Between the edges of your image and the frame, there is a 7 mm-wide shadow gap, which makes your image appear to be floating within the solid wood frame.


We even deliver the hanging system
You can hang your floater frame on the wall as soon as it arrives, thanks to the integrated WhiteWall hanging system. We attach strong metal elements to each corner on the underside of your work. Their teeth prevent your image from tilting and keep it secure in any position.



The wood ArtBox subtly frames your photo when viewed from the front, but shows impressive depth when viewed from the side: 35 mm to be exact. The solid wood lends your image a natural appearance.

A solid wood ArtBox does not have the shadow gap between the frame and your picture; it makes its mark through a combination of classic material, modern style, and an emphatic profile depth of 35 mm. To ensure maximum durability, the corners are double reinforced with metal braces. You can select from four different colour /surface options: white, natural, dark brown, and black. Viewed from the front, only the 4 mm profile width is visible, making it an unobtrusive frame for your image. The special effect of a solid wood ArtBox comes from the combination of the understated border with the frame’s impressive depth.

ArtBox Massivholz weiss 35mm



Photo Prints Under Acrylic Glass Arrive Ready to Hang

The integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely. Depending on the size of your picture, we have 3 different wall-mounts included in the standard price:

  • [1] Hooks: for pictures with edges of 25 cm or less
  • [2] Parallel aluminium rails: for pictures with any edge from 26 – 50 cm
  • [3] Bordering aluminium rail: for pictures with any edge over 50 cm
  • Upon request, you can order your Photo Print Under Acyrlic Glass without wall-mounts
  • All of the above are compatible with gallery ledges
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