Already in the early childhood the photograph has exceptionally fascinated me. At the age of 16 years originated the first to own admissions on positive film material. The presentation of the slides in the big formats which were possible by a picture projection eager for the viewers as the photographers.


No limits are set to the creativity of the artist. Therefore, in the art photograph one speaks of the photo work which returns the artistic partially also surreal style of the artist.


Well-chosen documentations and photographic interpretations of the artistic works also belong to the representation of the artistic photograph. By technical corrections, formative optimisation and creative stagings the photo artist lends his artistic and aesthetic claim to the motive. The originating, unique compositions are developed by the photographer and specialist and are processed.

These are just the insignificant moments at which the life appears in his whole beauty and uniqueness. If we the unusual discover then we experience unforgettable moments.


1982 - 1984 autodidact, bases of the Fotogafie and the photographic picture creation, PHOTO BOARD Jost J. Marchesi

1992 - 1994 certificate, commercial art and design, Hamburg

1993 - 1996 member in the association of German graphics designers

2000 - In 2002 autodidact, DIGITALLY PHOTO BOARD Jost J. Marchesi

since 2013 member in the German association for photograph inc.

since 2015 member on the artist's network STÜCKWERK inc.

From March to May, 2016 exhibition on the court Ramsbrock in Bielefeld


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